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Audimed 22MA BTE White Noise Generator

This tinnitus instrument fits comfortably behind the ear (BTE) and uses a thin tubing to direct the wide-band sound into the ear.

  • It incorporates tone and volume control switches and operates from a size 312 battery
  • Maximum volume level of the generated noise is up to 60dB
  • Delivered as standard with tubings for both ears

Click To Hear A Sound Sample:

White Noise

Customer Reviews

  1. As a tinnitus sufferer this wonderful li...

    by Hilary Williams on 23/03/2015

    As a tinnitus sufferer this wonderful little device provides a masking background noise which helps as a distraction from the tinnitus, allowing me to get on with my life. It is very small and discrete, and is essential in keeping me sane! Great service and price.
    Star Rating
  2. Dear all have bought 2 items,a hard of h...

    by A Malleson on 11/05/2012

    Dear all have bought 2 items,a hard of hearing phone for my dad and this tinnitus masker for myself both products and service are excellent: 5 star rating Thanks very much
    Star Rating

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