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Amplicomms BigTel 202 Cordless Telephone

The Amplicomms BigTel 202 is manufactured by Amplicomms, a company dedicated to providing communication solutions to the hearing impaired. Unlike many phone manufacturers who build standard phones and add a degree of amplification, Amplicomms phones are designed from the outset with hearing impairment in mind. HearingDirect only stocks phones from manufacturers committed to the provision of amplified products.

Nowadays in many households one phone is not enough – even with the flexibility of a cordless handset. Twin sets are becoming increasingly popular and the BigTel 202 has all the advantages. The main base station needs both a power socket and to be plugged into the telephone line but the additional handset can be placed anywhere in the house with an electrical supply. If you need more than two handsets the BigTel 202 can be paired with additional BigTel 201 handsets, so whatever your requirements this should be the solution for you.

Fantastic amplified cordless phones twin set, offering high quality extra loud distortion free volume with hands free speakerphones and useful easy to use features. This twin set carries two advantages, not only does it offer better value than buying the phones separately, it also comes pre-paired meaning the handsets can be plugged in and used straight from the box rather than registering and pairing them together first.

Great value and easy to set up, if you need more than one cordless handset HearingDirect strongly recommends the Amplicomms BigTel 202.

Always remember that if you are registered disabled you qualify for a VAT refund on this and other phones designed for the hearing impaired.

Fully compatible with BT phone lines. BT_Logo.jpg

Hearing aid compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their ‘T’ setting.TCoil.jpg



  • Extra-large dot-matrix LCD display with large characters and bright backlit display
  • Incredible sound with less than 2% distortion at full amplification
  • Amplified volume adjustment on handset >30 dB
  • Hearing aid compatible preferred (highest level)
  • Extra loud adjustable ringer volume >80 dB
  • Hands free Speakerphone
  • Caller ID Presentation (CLIP) with storage of the last 30 incoming numbers
  • Phone book - 50 entries of name & number
  • 9 ring tones including 5 polytonic ring tones
  • Up to 100 hours stand-by operation time
  • Up to 11 hours of permanent talk time
  • 2 Direct-Dial memory buttons on handset (M1/M2)
  • DECT-GAP Standard for connection of up to 4 handsets per base station


  • Beeping Paging function (Search for handset)
  • 9 ring tones on base station 5 volume settings plus switch-off function for ring tones on base station


  • Volume amplification button with memory (Boost)
  • Extra bright LEDs on handset and base station for visual alert of incoming calls
  • Easy unlimited internal calls between handsets
  • Call transfer between handsets
  • 3-way conferencing

Box content:

  • 1 x Cordless handset + Cradle
  • 2 x Power supply
  • 1 x Cordless handset + base st.
  • 1 x Phone connection cable
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 6 x Rechargeable AAA batteries

Customer Reviews

  1. My mum who is 96 uses this phone and she...

    by Mrs Val Butcher (daughter of Mrs Marks) on 12/01/2016

    My mum who is 96 uses this phone and she is very hard of hearing. She still complains that it is not loud enough but after we put 'Boost on' she finds it much better and is quite satisfied with it.
    Star Rating
  2. Bought these phones for my mother as she...

    by Aileen Wilson on 11/08/2015

    Bought these phones for my mother as she was unable to hear me on her standard phone. She and I are just delighted with them. She no longer feels anxious calling anyone and continually asking them to repeat themselves and I no longer have to shout when I call her. She also love the loud ring on the phone. Great large buttons and easily programmed with all the nubmers she needs to call.
    Star Rating
  3. I am broadly satisfied with performance ...

    by Gill on 28/06/2015

    I am broadly satisfied with performance of ‘phone and the speedy delivery, however I sometimes get interference between the earpiece and my digital hearing aids.
    Star Rating
  4. Very prompt delivery, and the set seems ...

    by r.adams on 20/02/2015

    Very prompt delivery, and the set seems to work as described.
    Star Rating
  5. The telephone was received within two da...

    by Sheila Garton on 03/02/2015

    The telephone was received within two days which was excellent. It was very easy to set up and is brilliant for my husband who wears hearing aids as he can now use and answer the telephone which he found very difficult with our ordinary phone.
    Star Rating
  6. Orderd and delivered in double quick tim...

    by Mr M J Farr on 17/08/2014

    Orderd and delivered in double quick time this Big Tel 202 is the cats whisker,Purrrfect.
    Star Rating
  7. Not seen the phone but had it sent direc...

    by John on 30/05/2014

    Not seen the phone but had it sent direct to mum and dad (they’re both well into the eighties) and I have to say the service was excellent. I picked the phone on-line and the website helps select the best phone so it couldn't be easier; the order was placed and the phone was delivered to their house within the week. Dad was able to connect and set it up himself and gave me a call as soon as the batteries were charged; what a difference from there old phones? Considering that Dad has to use two hearing aids and is practically deaf and mum is hard of hearing (but wont admit it) we've had the best conversations by phone in years. The quality of sound and the volume range of the phone makes having a chat a real pleasure again. Mum and Dad are really pleased with the quality and feel of the phone and have been able to contact friends and family they haven’t been able to speak to for years. Brilliant!
    Star Rating
  8. Bought for my mum who is hard of hearing...

    by Shelagh on 10/02/2014

    Bought for my mum who is hard of hearing, she can now hear the phone ring over the sound of the television. This means my sister, brother and I can all contact mum easily and have a sensible conversation without shouting. Also purchased the single phone so mum can hear the phone anywhere in the bungalow. Would recommend this product highly. Very prompt service, many thanks.
    Star Rating
  9. I ordered these phones on Friday & they ...

    by Nigel Fermor on 22/01/2014

    I ordered these phones on Friday & they arrived the next day. The phones have made such a difference to my Mother as she can hear so well whilst using them & with the large buttons so easy to see & use. Because she is registered disabled we were able to reclaim the tax back on the product which was paid back within 48 hours of sending the reclaim form. What can I say but Excellent all round.
    Star Rating
  10. I purchased this item for my 94 years ol...

    by Chris Adams. on 23/11/2013

    I purchased this item for my 94 years old mother, who is not only hard of hearing but is also extremely short sighted. I had no difficulty ordering this item and the price seemed reasonable. Delivery took a couple of days and charging the re-chargeable batteries was easy. It was also easy for ME to enter her contacts details. All in all we are very pleased with this equipment. The telephone handset sound settings go from 1 to 5 for people with "normal" hearing but there is a 30 decibel button for the hard of hearing. Be careful to follow the manufacturers instructions as this is VERY loud and could damage your hearing if you do not already have problems. Keep the second handset plugged in as it seemed to lose the contacts list when unplugged.(this could be down to me of course). The additional information on other products available was very welcome and will be invaluable for future purchases. Well done to all involved.
    Star Rating

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