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Amplicomms M7000 Amplified Mobile Phone Review

Amplified Mobile Phone Review: Amplicomms M7000

Video Transcript For The Hard Of Hearing:

A very popular question here at HearingDirect is trying to understand which amplified mobile phone might be right for you or for someone that you know. So this is going to be a review of one of our favourites here at HearingDirect. This is called the Amplicomms M7000 mobile phone.

Several things to mention before we get into the detail about this mobile phone, it is a highly amplified phone, which makes it much louder than the standard mobile phone, both in terms of the ringtone and also in terms of the volume of the person’s voice. This would be one of the major reasons why choosing a mobile phone from HearingDirect is that they are designed to make a conversation on the mobile phone for someone who is hearing-impaired much more useful and productive experience.

So this has great levels of amplification of volume, probably some of the best in the marketplace in terms of amplified phones or mobile phones, and also great levels of ringtone too. There are several other features of this phone, in particular, I think are great, one of which is the clamshell design, you can see here that the phone is designed to close and open, and is done so fairly easy and fairly simple.

The great feature of this is that particularly with regards to ending a call, you don’t have to remember to press the red button there, you simply close the phone and that ends the call. And then on opening the phone, it also lights up the screen here so if the phone is calling, you can open the phone and it will display the phone number that’s calling here.

One of the other great features of this phone is that it does have a vocalised keypad, so when dialling a number. A number worth remembering, that’s the HearingDirect number, by the way. But you can hear that the mobile phone is designed so that you can actually hear the numbers that you are dialling, and the volume of those numbers can be set by using this volume adjuster on the side here, either up or down.

Also, you have a lot of features that you would expect with a mobile phone, you have a phonebook and the ability to scroll down through that using the arrow keypads here, and various other settings and profiles that are accessed through these two buttons here. One of the major benefits of this phone above many of the others in our range is that it is designed to the Bluetooth compatible, so you can use this phone with a car set or car kit or you can connect wirelessly to a hands-free kit.

In addition, it also has a port on this side that you can put a hands-free headset kit into the side of the phone. The charging of this phone can be done in two ways, either through this mini USB section on the side here, which is a direct cable connection, or the phone is designed to sit in this little charger here. And when connected, at the back you can see that there is a connection for the cable here, and that will charge the phone and hold the phone in its situation. This here, although it looks like it might be a camera, but actually this is a torch, and can be used obviously at night to provide some light.

In addition to the features that we’ve discussed already, as I said, the maximum level of volume on this phone is about as good as it gets in the marketplace. It also has an extra large keypad with a dark background and white numbers on it, making it very easy to read. It has an M1, M2 and M3 button, and those are designed to carry speed dial numbers, so those three most popular people to call can be preprogrammed into those numbers or buttons and just simply pressing that button will make that call.

In addition on the reverse of the phone, you will see a switch here, which when pushed up, as you can hear, will eliminate an SOS alarm to suggest that the person concerned has some urgent need of help and advice. It would also activate when it’s being pushed up, it will activate the phone to call a set of prearranged – pre-recorded numbers to obtain some help if help is required, and you can then talk to the person concerned on the phone.

So all-in-all we think this is one of our most suitable phones for those that are looking for a comfortable easy-to-use phone with a big extra large screen, large numbers, a very good levels of amplification, and of course when closed it doesn’t need to be locked in terms of the keypad because you can’t inadvertently dial anybody by mistake. So really an all-around, a very, very good phone, we sell an awful lot of these, this is one of our most popular models.

And if you’d like to have more information on this model, anything else on the HearingDirect website, into particular mobile phones but any other phones or any other equipment that we sell at HearingDirect, we’d love to hear from you. Our team is available on a free phone number I dialled, which is 0800-032-1301 and that’s available through 9 to 5 during the working week, or if it’s weekends or evenings you can email us at , and we will normally respond within 24 hours. So please do get in contact, very happy to talk to you about the details and more detail of this phone, or indeed anything else within the range of HearingDirect, you can call us or email us with more questions and the team will get back to you as soon as they can.

Main Features Of The Amplicom PowerTel M7000:

  • Twin stage amplification boosts volume up to 40 dB at less than 5 % distortion
  • Wireless connection to Bluetooth devices including computers, headsets, induction loops or in-car systems. Transfer of phonebook entries
  • Talking Caller ID for up to 10 numbers (on or off)
  • Talking Keypad
  • Hearing aid compatibility
  • Tone control (high/low-frequency emphasis)
  • Supplied with charging cradle, plus mains adapter (also supplied)
  • 3 direct memories (M1, M2, M3)
  • 8-speed dial keys (under 2…9)
  • Phonebook with 500 entries for names and numbers
  • Extra loud speakerphone
  • Vibration alarm
  • Emergency call button for up to 5 numbers
  • LED Torch