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Doro PhoneEasy 622 Amplified Mobile Phone Review

Unfortunately, the Doro Phoneeasy 622 Mobile Phone is no longer available. The Doro range is extensive and we would suggest the Doro 2404 Clamshell Mobile Phone. Alternatively, have a look at our entire range of amplified phones or contact us here.

This is a new video review of the new Doro 622 clamshell mobile phone. One of the very first things to say about this model is clearly the obvious physical design is this clamshell set-up. Has one of the great advantages of actually ending a call by closing the phone and answering the phone by simply opening the phone. It’s ironic really, one of the main purposes behind the clamshell design in mobile phones was primarily to reduce the size of the phone so it was easier to fit in pockets and carry around and now that benefit is being brought to bear for the hearing impaired community and particularly useful for those with perhaps challenges from a dexterity perspective. The ability to not have to press either of these two buttons here to answer or receive a call or end a call and also the added advantage not having to remember to lock the keypad as that remains protected when the phone is closed.

And see here on the front here, the Doro 622 has a display here which will display various messages and the time, etc., which means that some of the features and some of the notifications can be accessed without actually having to open the phone.

Also in here you can see that there is a camera and in the case of the Doro 622, that camera is 2 megapixels. You also have notification of a message here and also battery life indicator as well. On this side of the phone, you have the volume control for the speakerphone and for the phone itself and as with all the mobile phone here at Freehearingtest. This Doro 622 has good levels of amplification both in terms of the voice and the ringer above that to any of the standard mobile phones you may have found available elsewhere.

On this side of the phone, you can see two other ports here. This one here is for a headphone socket that can be used to either access any sound output from the phone, but also more importantly, can be used for making and receiving phone calls using a hands-free headset. The phone itself is charged by placing it in its cradle in such fashion, although if you’re travelling or if you don’t wish to use the cradle then this socket here enables you to plug a power cable directly into the phone itself.

Okay. Taking a look inside, a few things to make note of. Maybe a little difficult to pick up on this video but this is the black and mocha colour. So there’s a black here and a slightly different colour, sort of brown-mocha colour here which is easier probably to see on the interior in terms of the difference in colour between the black keys here and the mocha colours here. This model also does come in, as you can see on the box here, does also come in a burgundy and a white option. That particular option, the burgundy and white option is quite popular for people who may be putting their phone in their handbag, etc., and something that this colour that’s dark might be more difficult to find.

Okay. We’re talking about some of the features of the phone now. You’ll notice that it doesn’t have a SIM card in it currently although as all mobile phones from Freehearingtest they are completely unlocked and therefore they are not tied to an individual phone operator or contract. You can put in any SIM card you like, if you have an existing SIM card with phone number and credit on it from a pay as you go perspective or contract terms still to run then you can put that SIM card straight into this phone, the contact and the phone number would remain the same and you can see the same straight away.

In addition to the SIM card and the unlock feature of the phone, they are quite a number of different actual individual features within this model which are quite useful. A couple of the things that I want to point out, you can access your messaging service text, text messaging service here and as I said earlier it does have a good camera and that is accessed through this button here. One of the other great things about any of the Doro phones is that their menu system not only is very simple and clear, it can also be reduced in quantity. If there are one or two features that this phone offers that are not used or not required then those can be hidden from view and therefore the individual can tailor or customise the phone to suit their own circumstances and not have other features there that might add confusion and not any significant benefit.

One of the other great features of the 622 is something called remote management. It’s a feature that the 622—PhoneEasy 622 has in common with the PhoneEasy 740 from Doro and that is designed to enable either friends or family or whoever to be able to set some of the features on the phone for someone who is less comfortable or less technically aware, so that can be done through our website and then from our website it will—the settings as agreed will be broadcast through the phone over the 3G network and then the phone can be controlled effectively or the phone can be controlled remotely which is a great feature for those that struggle to set these things up on their own or if you’re buying it for a friend, family or a relative who lives a distance away, once they got the phone you can even then set some of the features for them.

In addition to the features we talked about, so far the phone is as I mentioned on the 3G network, so that enables much greater levels of connectivity, but also the phone has Bluetooth as well so it can connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth headset or indeed to any Bluetooth system in a car anywhere so the phone can be effectively used as a car phone as well.

A great model, the 622. It does have kind of a baby brother the 621 which has some similar features but a few less including the remote management but we like this phone. We think it’s probably going to sell quite a bit and if you like a little bit more information about it, you can contact our customer services team, 9 to 5 on 0800-032-1301 or you can e-mail us after hours at .

Main Features Of The Doro PhoneEasy 622:

  • 35dB voice volume (about 10 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 83dB ringer volume (about 5 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 7 Volume settings
  • Remote management feature
  • 2 Megapixel Camera and Video Camera
  • Weather feature
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Vibrating ringer
  • Backlit keypad
  • ICE (In Case of Emergency)
  • SMS with predictive text and MMS
  • 500 number phonebook

The  Doro PhoneEasy 622 is just one of our expansive selection of quality Doro Phones. Click to view our super Doro range and how it may help you. 

Order today and it can be delivered to you tomorrow, completely hassle free. What’s there not to like? If you want to know more about this phone or other Amplified Phones  in our range, please don’t hesitate to call us, or check out our website for more details.


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