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Doro PhoneEasy 740 Smartphone Review

Amplified Smartphone Review: Doro PhoneEasy 740

Unfortunately, the Doro Phoneeasy 740 Smartphone is no longer available. The Doro range is extensive and we would suggest the Doro 8040 Smartphone. Alternatively, have a look at our entire range of amplified phones or contact us here.

This is the new Doro PhoneEasy 740 Smartphone and this is a video review of the Smartphone from Freehearingtest and we’re going to talk a little about the features and some of the new things that appear in this model of phone that we are quite excited about and that we think that you might find it helpful.

First of all, the name gives you the clue; it is a Smartphone and it is one of the very first fully amplified Smartphones in production and consequently you get some of the typical features you would expect with a Smartphone over and above the standard amplified mobile phone range that existed to date. So for example, you can browse and surf the internet, you can receive and send e-mail. Will also do some of the basic features such as receiving and sending text messages and you also have a standard suite of features with regards to contact and other items of that nature. However, one of the key features that we particularly like about this phone and some of the other phones within the Doro range is easy to navigate, very simple menu function which I’ll show you a little bit about now.

As you can see, the phone opens so that you’ve got a keypad that’s available for use down here and you also got touch screen available at the top there and you can see that the navigation continues up the top here and you can either use your keys down at the bottom or you can use this touchscreen service at the top here and you can see here you’ve got a standard opening screen with e-mail, messages, the call log and your contact details. One of the other really smart things about this phone is that if you’re buying on or behalf of somebody else and they perhaps are not as technically aware, there is a website you can log on to and you can set up various settings and features and functions within the phone and that will be sent to the phone over the 3G network so that you can actually set the phone up remotely and manage the phone remotely for some people if it’s something that they struggle with.

The phone itself actually has several different additional features including Bluetooth connectivity so you can use it in a hands-free fashion in the car or with another hands-free Bluetooth device and it also has good levels of amplification, much louder than a standard mobile phone or standard smartphone. It has speaker phone as well if you would like to use it in that fashion and obviously it has this interesting slide design. It’s extremely comfortable and easy to hold in the hand and just looking in some of the other features on here you’ve got a camera feature here, your volume controls, on the back is an SOS button and here is the camera aperture and flash and the camera is actually a very good level of megapixels and so the quality of images that you can get from it are very good with the 5 megapixel maximum capability. On this side, you have the option to connect for a headphone so that you can use the phone for listening to music or indeed obviously to talk and listen people through a traditional phone call. This is the power on and off button and this here is the—also acts as a keypad lock. This port here is the charging. If you don’t want to charge it in his cradle although it will charge very happily when plugged into its cable and—sorry, when you plugged into its charger and it can stand there comfortably overnight and charge but if you’re traveling and you don’t to take this with you then you can connect separately by that point there.

As I said, one of the most popular features and one of the most interesting changes in this market with regards to mobile phones is the fact that it is the first Smartphone so you have got the ability to browse the internet, you can listen to internet radio, you can share pictures, once you’ve taken the pictures you can e-mail them to friends or you can share them on various social media. There are a lot of features on this phone that will attract somebody that perhaps is very used to using a Smartphone or likes the idea of using a Smartphone but just needs that little bit if extra volume and clarity of phone calls when using it in that fashion.

So all in all, we think this is a great phone from Doro. We expect to probably be selling these in quite some number over the next few months. We sell these completely unlocked so you can use them with any contracted network or indeed pay as you go with the exemption of the three network. So one of the great advantages of all the mobile phone from Doro and this model is no exception is that instead of being tied into a contract for a period of time, you can buy this and it’s ready to use with any existing SIM cards, so if somebody has a smartphone with a contract or a pay as you go right now, they can use this same phone, simply put their SIM card into this phone and it’s up and ready to go.

So all in all, we think this is a great phone and we hope you find it of interest too. We have fantastic customer services team here available and they’re available 9 until 5, five days a week on 0800-032-1301. So if you want to hear more or understand more about the Doro Smartphone 740 then give us a call on that number or you can reach us outside of working hours on .

Main Features Of The PhoneEasy 740:

  • 35dB voice volume (about 10 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 83dB ringer volume (about 5 times louder than a standard mobile)
  • 7 Volume settings
  • Web browsing and email
  • Speakerphone
  • 5 Megapixel Camera with flash
  • GPS
  • SMS with predictive text and MMS
  • 500 number phonebook
  • 2 one-touch speed dials
  • Visual ring indicator
  • Vibrating ringer
  • Backlit keypad
  • Key tone

The Doro PhoneEasy 740 is now available just one of our expansive selection of quality Doro Phones. Click here to view our super Doro range and how it may help you.

Order today and it can be delivered to you tomorrow, completely hassle free. What’s there not to like? If you want to know more about this phone or other amplified mobile phones in our range, please don’t hesitate to call us, or check out our website for more details.