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Amplicom Ringflash 200 Review

The Ringflash 200 is an alerting device, designed to give the hard of hearing better awareness of when their telephone is ringing or when they have visitors at the door.

The device is supplied with one wireless doorbell. A phone is plugged into the back of Ringflash 200, and then the Ringflash 200 plugs into the phoneline itself (cable supplied). Unless there is a long cable from the phone, it will need to be placed nearby the phone. The Ringflash200 is operated by mains power, therefore must be plugged in at all times in order to work. Size wise, it’s not a big unit, (about 4.5 inches high, 4 inches wide), and is wall mountable (although wall attachments are not supplied). The unit itself is surprisingly lightweight.

The range of the wireless doorbell is said to be around 25 metres, although this does vary considerably depending on how many structures (e.g. walls) are in the pathway between the doorbell and alerter.

It’s easy to use once installed, but it is important to set up the various connections correctly.
The white wireless doorbell is a fairly standard design and shouldn’t look out of place on most front doors. A 12V battery (supplied) is used in the doorbell. The button that you press on doorbell will light up in red if the battery is in place correctly.

If you have two locations where a doorbell is required, an additional doorbell can be purchased, and there is a visual indicator on the unit to show which doorbell has been pressed – again, it relies on a change of settings within the unit, so reading of the instruction manual for this is a must.  The choice of 2 different tones for the doorbell is useful – one higher than then other. Both sound like a fairly typical ‘ding-dong…’  There are 3 sound options for the telephone ring amplifier.

The alerting choices are either loud sound on its own, or a combination of sound and strobe light - an incredibly bright flashing white light. The volume control for the level of the tone (both for the telephone ring and doorbell) is a slider control, and easy to find. There is also an easy to find ‘stop’ button which will switch off both the strobe light and loud tones immediately.

There is also a connection socket for a shaker (which needs to be purchased as an additional extra). This can be used as an extra alerter, because it needs to be plugged into the Ringflash 200, this is usually used when the user is going to be in one place – e.g. under a pillow in bed.  The Amplicom Ringflash 200 is a good quality, robust and reasonably priced product.

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