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Answer Phones For The Hard of Hearing

The market for products for the hard of hearing is constantly growing and developing. It is no longer predominantly concentrated on the production of different types of hearing aids, but is trying to meet the growing demand for additional products that offer further benefits and provide help for the hearing impaired. Some examples are amplified phones with answering machines or stand-alone answering machines specifically designed to be used by people suffering from hearing loss. Freehearingtest offers a wide range of different types of devices to choose from.

Amplicom AB900Amplicom AB900 Digital Answering Machine is a very easy to use product that is fully compatible with the BT phone lines and the different types of cordless phones. The many features of this machine ensure that the user will be able to clearly hear the messages they receive. The play back volume can be increased to up to 40dB by simply pressing a handy boost button and the tone can also be easily adjusted. The device can be connected to a head set and there is also the possibility to call the machine and receive the messages remotely making it very convenient. Another useful feature is the option to play a message at a slower speed without disturbing the quality of sound, by using the easy-grip wheel.

Geemarc CL210AThere are also phones with an integral answering machine, which might appeal to people who prefer a 2 in 1 device. The Geemarc CL210A Big Button Amplified Phone With Answering Machine is one of the loudest products available on the market and is easy to use and offers plenty of useful features. The integral answering machine can record for up to 14 minutes and the messages can be clearly heard from both the receiver and the speakerphone. The phone is hearing aid compatible and the receiving volume can be adjusted to up to 40dB. Other convenient features include an extra bright visual ringer indicator, a visual indicator of the number of received messages and big buttons, which make the device easy to use by the elderly.

Geemarc CL455Geemarc CL455 Amplified Telephone with Answering Machine and Caller ID is another product of excellent quality. The device is hearing aid compatible and offers features that will appeal to both the hard of hearing and people with visual problems. The buttons are very large and when pressed, the machine will “say” their number. Another excellent feature is caller ID. You can set the machine to tell you the name or the number of the person calling. Furthermore, the phonebook can store up to 49 numbers. The large-sized alphanumerical display is very user friendly and also includes a clock. The receiving volume control can be increased to up to 30dB and other useful features include a hands free speakerphone with adjustable volume, 6 one-touch direct dials and a backlit keypad. The answering machine is able to record for up to 30 minutes, provides the possibility to slow down the messages and access them remotely.

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