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Best Phones For Seniors

The United Kingdom population is constantly aging; in 2010, one in every six people was above 65 years old, which is equivalent to around 10 million people in total. This process is not slowing down in fact current forecasts project a speeding up with expectations that in 2050 the number of those over 65 will reach around 19 million, or one in every four people.

This tendency will not only lead to significant demographic changes, but also affect the social and economic structure of life in the UK in many aspects. Many businesses will have to consider that the majority of their clients will be over 65 years of age in the near future and begin to adapt and modify the products they offer.

Hearing aids and assistive listening devices manufacturers, for example, will have to adjust to the changing market. Currently, their efforts are concentrated on the development, design and production of the most complex and high tech devices possible, which offer a wide variety of useful features and options, packed in a handy small size. However, this approach is unlikely to meet the requirements of elderly people, as problems with the sight and hearing, as well as limited dexterity, make the use of complex devices quite difficult. This will lead to an increased production of assistive listening devices, such as mobile phones for seniors, whose features and design are specifically orientated towards the needs and requirements of elderly people. Furthermore, in order to be senior-friendly, a growing number of these devices should be hearing aid compatible. The right choice of a phone for an elderly person depends on their individual condition and preferences, but in general one that would be considered useful and helpful might offer the following features:

  • A large text screen with good contrast that makes the numbers and letters clearly visible and easy to read
  • An ergonomic design that allows better handling and minimizes the risks of dropping the device
  • Large and well separated buttons that ease the process of dialling
  • An emergency call feature that allows the user to connect with their family or closest friends with the single push of a button
  • An extra loud ringer and a vibration alarm
  • Several speed dial buttons for quick connections with important phone numbers

In Freehearingtest’ catalogue, customers can find a wide selection of mobile, corded or cordless phones that meet the above mentioned requirements and would make a great asset for most seniors. In the mobile phones section, we can recommend the Amplicom PowerTel M6000 Big Button Mobile Phone, which is very easy to set up and use or the Doro PhoneEasy 338 GSM Mobile Phone Unlocked. When it comes to corded or cordless phones, the Amplicom PowerTel 68 Plus Big Button Amplified Phone or the Geemarc Photodect Big Button Cordless Phone come highly recommended.

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