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Devices For Hearing Impaired

Technology is now so advanced that many hard of hearing have the opportunity to take advantage of an array of devices that help improve their lifestyle, remain independent and benefit from communication and social activities. Along with various types and models of hearing aids, the hard of hearing can also use assistive devices such as very loud alarm clocks, amplified telephones, mobile phones and doorbells, flashing alerting systems, induction loops, etc. All these aim at making the surrounding environment as natural as possible, allowing the person to interact either face-to-face or over the phone, enjoy a favourite pastime such as watching TV or listening to music or simply remaining aware of a possible emergency.

Whilst these devices do not and cannot cure hearing loss, they greatly help the condition by making hearing loss less of a factor in everyday activities. Their main function is to amplify sounds; however, they cannot substitute the whole process of hearing due to its inherent complexity. Extensive research into find ways to heal the damaged hearing cells and auditory nerve is currently underway. Scientists believe the key to curing hearing loss lies primarily in stem cell therapy and finding ways to stimulate growth of new hair cells.

Until actual results are achieved, though, the hard of hearing can benefit from a wide range of hearing devices that they can use at home or at the work place. Hearing Direct offers a variety of products, complimentary to hearing aids; that can be of use to those experiencing hearing difficulties.

Amplified phones

An important part of the range of assistive listening devices is amplified phones. They can be either landline or mobile and come in different models, amplification levels and additional features to match the preferences and needs of the individual who will use them. Popular choices are the corded Geemarc CL455 with a caller ID and an answering machine or the cordless Amplicom BigTel 200. Mobile amplified phones are also very common as they are small and can be carried anywhere. Models to consider are the Geemarc Clearsound CL8300 and the Amplicom PowerTel M4000.

Amplified doorbells

Many hard of hearing have trouble hearing not only the phone but also a fire alarm or the doorbell. There are different alerting devices available that offer high amplification level and visual signals. Examples are the Geemarc CL2 doorbell and telephone alert and the Amplicom Ringflash 200 (recommended by Action on Hearing Loss).

Loud alarm clocks

Other useful devices are extra loud alarm clocks that are usually equipped with a flashing light, bright large display and a function for vibration. They are also available in different amplification levels and can be digital or analogue. Examples are the Geemarc Wake N Shake and the Sonic Bomb SBB500SS.

Wireless TV Listeners

Now many are free to enjoy activities such as listening to the radio or watching TV without having to disturb the rest of the household by increasing the volume. Wireless TV listeners are used to amplify sounds from various devices such as the TV, CD Players, PC/Laptop, and MP3/MP4 players. They reduce external noises and have rechargeable batteries and a light comfortable design.



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