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Financial Help When Buying Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be an expensive investment. Depending on the type of hearing loss and personal taste, some models can be as much as a small family car. It is crucial to know which type of hearing aid is the most appropriate for your individual condition. Once you know your options, it is wise to shop around as prices can vary considerably even for the same model you can try funding or finding support for buying a hearing aid. While not directly offering financial assistance, the NHS may supply you with hearing aids free of charge. You should consider, though, that they are lent to you and you are liable for any damages. In addition, the models offered are a little more limited than if you decide to buy a hearing aid privately.

There are highs street hearing aid retailers that have special monthly instalment packages. You will usually have to pay part of the sum at the time of purchase and the rest will be split in equal amounts for a specific number of months. Such packages may seem convenient and affordable but you should take note of the interest rate as very few offer interest free options. In many cases, the final amount charged for a hearing aid could be a few times more than the initial price. Paying a small sum every month may seem more affordable in the short term but can be very expensive in the end.

Some people think that their health insurance policy includes costs for a hearing aid. However, very few insurance companies offer some kind of financial coverage for hearing aids and you should check whether your expenses would be covered completely or at all.

Nevertheless, there are some more recent alternatives, namely in the form of home delivery. Fortunately, many online retailers offer a great variety of hearing aid models at reasonable prices. You can choose and buy your hearing aid online with a single click and have it delivered to your door, often with free delivery. Prices of hearing aids offered online are considerably lower than those in most high street shops. For instance at Freehearingtest you can find digital hearing aids ranging from £99 to £599, which makes them relatively affordable in comparison to their High Street equivalents

In addition, a number of other hearing devices at hearingdirect.com are free from VAT. They are zero-rated products and you can recognize them by the special seal they have. If you are eligible to claim relief from VAT, i.e. you have a chronic medical condition or you are disabled, you only need to fill in the VAT Relief From and send it to us after your purchase. After we receive the form, we will refund you the VAT in full, which currently amounts to 20%. In case you are unsure about the products that are zero-rated you can call .

Furthermore, some websites also offer support and additional benefits. At hearingdirect.com, you can check your hearing online for free and turn to a qualified audiologist in case you have questions concerning hearing advice and products.