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How To Dispose Of Hearing Aid Batteries

To power your chosen brand of hearing aids, batteries are used. While these tiny power cells vary in their cell technology, size and price, they should all be disposed of in accordance with environmental law. These laws and best practices for disposing of hearing aid batteries are designed to reduce safety risks and to protect the environment.

Tips For Safely Disposing Of Hearing Aid Batteries:

1. Never burn batteries as it might lead to an explosion or release harmful chemicals into the air.

2. Check with your local authority about possible collection hubs. If you have decided to accumulate large numbers of used batteries before safely disposing of them, store them well away from children and pets. We have previously written a blog post on how to store hearing aid batteries which makes useful reading, as some of the tips are applicable for storing used batteries as well.

3. In some cases, your local authority may be unable to help, but not all is lost. Check with your local doctor's surgery, NHS audiology department, pharmacy or even a local library.
With the UK needing to increase battery recycling from the current level of 2.8% to 25% by 2012 and 45% by 2016, more and more collection points are due to be added.

4. Try to recycle the packing that came with them. Hearing aid wearers can go through many packs of batteries during a given year and therefore the packaging on its own is a goal for recycling.

As a responsible hearing aid wearer, avoid placing used hearing aid batteries in a general refuse bin. These will simply make their way to the local dumping grounds where they won’t be recycled.