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  • How To Store Hearing Aid Batteries

    Whichever brand of hearing aid you use, and whichever type you find most suitable, it will require power to function. To ensure continued benefit from a working hearing aid, wearer’s often carry an ...

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  • Stars Need Clear Labelling

    With Bethan working in London, during the week it is just Hobbes and I at home. While Hobbes is great company on his morning walk he does have limitations during the evening when all he tends to do i...

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  • A Change For The Better

    Yesterday I was working on implementing some changes to the website to improve the clarity and ease of use across the site. We have introduced some new images that provide useful information on the si...

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  • Hearing Aid Batteries Colour Index

    Whether you have chosen to purchase your hearing aid from Hearing Direct or from any other retailer, it will require a power source in the shape of a battery to provide the necessary functionality. He...

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  • Your waiting room, your choice?

    Last Friday we took Hobbes, Bethan’s Springer spaniel of high breeding but low behaviour, back to the specialist vet centre for what we prayed was his final visit. He had long ago consumed his insu...

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  • Hearing The Birds

    I love the end of February in the northern hemisphere. I don’t feel quite so like a mole anymore - there’s at least a hint more light when I leave the house in the mornings and the office in the e...

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  • Wireless TV Listening Systems By Sennheiser

    This week we have introduced a new brand name to the site in the form of Sennheiser. A brand synonymous with high quality audio equipment, it offers stern competition to the likes of Bose and Bang and...

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  • An Angry Silence

    I travelled to the office today in the ‘Quiet zone’ of Southwest trains service to Portsmouth Harbour. An interesting concept really; a section of the train where relative peace and tranquillity a...

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  • Flying and Ear Popping

    I usually reserve two weeks or so of my annual holiday allowance to fly back to South Africa to do the family & friends run-around, and to remind my skin what the sun looks like… As much as I cant w...

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  • Hearing Aids Slow Dementia

    A thought provoking piece of research emerged out of America this week linking hearing loss with dementia. As with all these things, more research needs to be done, however, the research suggested tha...

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