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  • Hearing Loss In Young People

    Hearing loss is a common condition in the western world, and the UK is no exception. Over 9 million people are thought to suffer from some degree of hearing loss. According the RNID (The Royal Nationa...

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  • Phones For The Elderly

    ‘My dad is getting on a bit, and we rely on the phone to make sure he is ok, but he is struggling to hear me. He won’t get a hearing aid, and I cant go on “speaking up” down the line, so I’m...

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  • A Review Of Reviews For The HD300

    I am often asked for my opinion on our products and particularly our hearing aids.  The reason that potential users are keen for more information on hearing aids is that unlike some of our other prod...

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  • Hearing Aid Batteries Technology

    The keen eyes amongst our customers may have recently noticed that our range of hearing aid batteries has grown overnight. Brands such as Power One, Duracell and Panasonic are now available to order...

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  • Useful Very Loud Mobile Phones

    On the whole my life is fairly good and in spite of my advancing years I have few causes to grumble.  Blogly it’s not perfect - two teenage children and a hostile ex-wife ensure that.  Money is ...

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  • Ear Pain While Flying and How To Reduce It

    In the 12-month period running to January 2011 54.9 million UK residents left the UK for destinations overseas. Many of those who chose to fly have experienced the all too familiar sensation of ear pr...

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  • Useful Ways To Spend £6700

    I really enjoyed the Kings Speech and feel that it fully deserved to win an Oscar for Colin Firth.  Had I been sitting on the panel it would have also won Best Supporting Actor for Geoffrey Rush but ...

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  • The Importance Of A Good Fit

    Bethan’s brief London tenure at The Ministry of Defence has drawn to a close. There are pros and cons to this. She wasn’t hugely inspired by the job so is very happy to be back working with sol...

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  • Over-Engineered, Over-Sold And Over-Priced

    It is always a pleasure to talk to our customers. Most are very supportive of what we are trying to achieve and very grateful for the huge differences in our prices versus the high street. Most are ...

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  • Surfing In The 50's

    This week I have been working on a new catalogue which is designed to provide a printed version of our website for use by those without internet connection or ‘surfing’ experience. We receive many...

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