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  • When Waiting Is Optional Please Be Patient

    My mother recently embarked on a trip to the National Theatre to see Warhorse by Michael Morpurgo, accompanied by two of her teenage granddaughters – my youngest niece and my daughter.  Clearly she...

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  • Take Time To Tune In

    Living with an Army officer who works in MoD does have some advantages. Unfortunately she is away all week and this morning when her beloved dog had vomited all over the kitchen floor I feel that am e...

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  • Cheap Rioja Charity Fund Appeal

    Eureka! What a difference a year - and some quality hearing aids - made to my sanity. Not that I am yet in need of one of these devilish little devices but my magnificent parents were, even though the...

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  • A Sign From The Times

    In the last few days there has been an interesting chain of events that have unfolded in the pages of The Times newspaper that I thought may be worth sharing. In Friday’s paper there appeared a full...

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  • Amplified Phones Not Just For The Hard Of Hearing

    Amplified phones belong to a group of amplified daily living aids normally refereed to as ALDs or Assistive Listening Devices. The group consists of a number of extra loud aids from alerting devices t...

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  • 12 Lords ‘a’ pardoning, 11 Ladies Suing

    We recently had a story covered in the Mail on Sunday regarding The House of Lords and a survey we carried out regarding the impact diminished hearing has on Peers going about their daily duties in th...

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  • When Technology Provides Real Benefits?

    Well Christmas is done and dusted for another year.  I can only hope that whoever reads this, and I know there are one or two of you, had as good as time as I did.  Perfect company, perfect food (al...

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  • Pub Grub Died Alongside Plain English

    Last night HearingDirect.com had a pre-Christmas business review and in keeping with the festive season we adjourned from the office to the pub. Once we had put the commercial world to rights our atte...

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  • Loading The Dice For Christmas

    I was listening to the radio recently and George Cole, the actor who played Arthur Daley on Minder, was being interviewed. It was frankly a very dull interview, saved only by its brevity and a single...

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  • Too Big To Care

    We get a number of emails from customers following up on their experience of dealing with HearingDirect, as I am sure every other company must do. I cannot say that it is a “high” or “low” nu...

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