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Tips For Unblocking Your Ears

Unblock your ears with our top tips. Having blocked ears is not only an uncomfortable feeling but can also lead to further complications for the ear canal, middle and inner ear. This problem should not be underestimated and proper action should be taken in order to unblock the ear.

In this guide, we explain how to unblock ears at home safely, and advise when you need to visit a medical professional.

What Can Cause Ears To Become Blocked?

The usual cause of the blockage is earwax buildup and infections which can lead to obstruction, growths, vertigo, and in many cases temporary or permanent hearing loss.

If unsure as to the cause, it is best to turn to a specialist for a suitable treatment or advice.

How To Unblock Ears Safely At Home

One of the most common reasons for blocked ears is the buildup of ear wax in the ear canal. Ear wax secretion is natural and serves as a protection from dust and debris for the internal ear parts. If not cleaned regularly, though, or if the person is suffering from excess wax, it can accumulate, harden and cause conductive hearing loss.

Its removal should be done carefully, without inserting any objects with sharp edges such as hairpins, napkin corners or even cotton buds. They can push the wax even deeper in the canal or puncture the sensitive eardrum membrane.

However, there are some popular options that you can try at home such as various ear wax removal products you can find easily on the market. You can try the Earpal Ear Wax Removal tool that is made from surgical stainless steel and is completely safe for the eardrum. For general ear hygiene, it is recommended to use a wash or spray such as Earol Olive Oil Spray to further dissolve wax.

When To Seek Professional Help

If you continue to feel uneasy or suffer discomfort and the blockage has not been removed with any of the treatments above, it is best to see a specialist and have your ears examined or have your ear syringed if necessary. In many cases where there is a sufficient ear wax compaction, professional removal is needed in order not to damage the ear. In addition, the blockage may come from another source such as a cold or flu, infection or foreign object and can be helped only with a surgical intervention or medication.

Is It Time To Test Your Hearing?

If you think a blockage has impacted your auditory senses, we recommend you take our online hearing test. The check is free, only takes a few minutes, and you'll get your results instantly.

how to unblock ears


If the outcome of the test does indicate that you may have some form of hearing loss, we advise that you consult with an audiologist or healthcare professional.