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Valentines Day Gift For The Hard Of Hearing

On February 14th numerous people around the globe and in the UK will celebrate Saint Valentine's Day, commonly known as Valentine's Day. For the vast majority of people, the day is mostly associated with buying and receiving a gift from a loved one or a close friend.  If you are searching for a gift idea for the hard of hearing this Valentine's Day there are several options at different levels of cost that you may consider to accompany the Valentine's Day card.

Below £20:

The hard of hearing often use a wide range of amplified devices to manage their hearing loss in their day-to-day lives. The most common amplified devices are hearing aids that are used, according to a resent survey, by 1.4 million individuals in the UK alone. This represents an option to purchase an affordable accessory to improve the workings and handling of the hearing aid. Hearing aid accessories are available from as low as £0.50 and feature a wide range of useful products such as the Rayovac hearing aid battery caddy that helps ensure that available hearing aid batteries are only a pocket away as the product fits onto a keyring. Another fantastic gift idea is the immensely popular digital keyring battery tester that fits in the pocket and helps ensure that the hearing aid wearer is aware of the remaining battery life, very useful.

Below £30:

Many people consider the act of waking up on time difficult, but try it without been able to hear your alarm clock ringing. Now that is really difficult don’t you agree? Fortunately, a number of dedicated hard of hearing aid companies such as Geemarc and Amplicomms offer a wide range of alarm clocks for the hard of hearing. These are highly affordable alarm clocks that often provide complete sensory triggers from loud ringer to flashing lights and even under pillow vibration pads (depending on the model). They are also easy to carry around so for the hard of hearing who travel often, these are almost a must have.  

Below £50:

It is in our nature to communicate with others and to seek their attention. Other than talking face-to-face, the phone is probably the most prolific communication device used by people from all walks of life. The hard of hearing often struggle using the phone as normal off the shelf phones are simply unusable. It is common for the ringer volume to sound too weak and for the voice on the other end of the line to sound unclear. Many hard of hearing are unaware  that there is a growing range of hard of hearing phones that are dedicated to serve the needs of the hard of hearing and they are available at remarkably affordable prices. These phones come as cordless or as corded and can completely transform the communication experience of a hard of hearing telephone user. Their main benefits include highly amplified ringer, simplicity in their functionality, adjustable speaker levels and affordability, a truly fantastic gift for Valentine's Day and for any other occasion.

Below £100:

If your budget allows you to spend close to £100 or more, you will find even more gift ideas. As we said at the start, the most common device to manage hearing loss is a hearing aid. It is true that buying a hearing aid privately can cost hundreds of ponds, however it does not have to be this way. For example, the HD85, a digital in the ear hearing aid is offered at just £99 complete with a one-year manufacturer warranty and even comes with free batteries.

Finally, check out the new hearing direct sale outlet for bargains on hard of hearing aids.

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