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CPR Call Blocker Protect +

The CPR Call Blocker Protect+ is designed to safeguard the most vulnerable members of our society from the persistence of the cold caller. It’s important to encourage independent living for as long as possible, yet with the growing problem of unwanted calls, keeping our loved ones safe from fraudsters is becoming a real concern. The CPR Call Blocker Protect+ provides a cost effective solution to the problem. Only trusted numbers loaded into the Call Blocker will be put through. It’s that simple! Programming can be done remotely via CPR Customer Support, who can add or delete numbers on your behalf. Simply power the device by plugging it into your existing home phone. There are no monthly charges or monitoring fees to consider. Once set up all confusing recorded messages, scam calls or overseas call centres will be blocked. The phone will only ring for the trusted few.

Key features:

  • Block 100% of calls
  • Lets family and friends through
  • Ideal for vulnerable loved ones
  • Easy to program additional numbers into the "Allowed List"
  • The CPR team can remotely program numbers for further ease
  • No monthly charge, no monitoring fees

Please note CPR Call Blocker Protect + will also work on Digital PBX sytems with analogue sockets.

About CPR Call Blocker

CPR Call Blocker is a global, award-winning organisation that provides low cost, simple yet effective call blocking solutions for the home and workplace. Say goodbye to nuisance calls and put your mind at rest with the CPR Call Blocker Protect+.

Shop the full CPR Call Blocker range here.

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