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CPR Call Blocker V108


This unobtrusive black unit, called the CPR Call Blocker V108 is the entry-level model within the CPR range, equipped to stop unwanted phone calls from shattering your peace. If you’re fed up of your privacy being invaded by scam callers or international call centres, this is an affordable, effective solution to the problem. The CPR Call Blocker V108 is pre-programmed to automatically block 200 recognised nuisance caller numbers. As a result, you should notice a huge reduction in unwanted sales calls from the outset. It also comes with a ‘Block Now’ button. If you receive a scam call, press the button and it will black list the offending number permanently. You can also block a number when using a DECT handset that works in conjunction with the telephone base by pressing (#) 2. With the capacity to hold up to a further 1000 numbers, the Call Blocker V108 has plenty of available memory to ensure you are rid of this frustrating problem for good.

The Call Blocker is renowned worldwide for their specialist, stand-alone, Call Blocker technology. Their aim is to put a halt to the frustrating, often upsetting misuse of the telephone by unscrupulous companies. The CPR Call Blocker V108 is a device that can help you regain your peace of mind.

Key features:

  • Pre-loaded with 200 numbers deemed as known nuisance callers
  • Block a further 1000 unwanted callers
  • Block calls from Private, Withheld, Unavailable area codes, International,
  • Small, discreet and easy to set up
  • Block Now button
  • Block a number by entering #2 on any DECT handset connected to the telephone base
CPR V108 User Guide
31th Oct, 2016 6.97MB


CPR Call Blocker

Review by William Todd (Posted on 27/11/2017)
I purchased CPR Call Blocker around three months ago
Set it up as advised but it has made no difference.
Still getting lots of unwanted calls
Star Rating

Set up not too clear

Review by Oldmoaner (Posted on 07/08/2017)
Set up does not tell you when the red lights should show, it is not clear that you can add a number to the blocked list nor is the wording clear about blocking the last "called" number, what it means is the last number to call you. Support were very helpful I trust it does what it says it should do
Star Rating
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