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Doro Magna 4000 Extra Loud Phone



The Doro Magna 4000 is one of the loudest phones in production today.

This extra loud phone looks as good as any other modern piece of equipment in your home. We usually talk a lot about extra features and reasons to choose various amplified phones but in essence - really loud and really good looking does the trick here. Plus, it's at a great price for this level of amplification. We've listed some of the other features below for more information.

Hearing aid compatible for those hearing aid wearers using their ‘T’ setting.TCoil.jpg


  • 60dB voice volume (the loudest in production)
  • 90dB ringer volume (about 6 times louder than a standard phone)
  • Adjustable tone and volume levels

Main Features

  • Caller ID
  • Speaker phone
  • Backlit display
  • 50 Phonebook entries
  • Optional visual ring indicator
  • 2 ringer volume settings
  • High contrast keys with low reflective finish
  • Ergonomic handset locates firmly in base
  • Wall Mountable
Vat Relief Declaration
25th Oct, 2011 1MB
Doro Magna 4000 User Guide
8th August, 2013



Review by R Bullock (Posted on 21/03/2018)
This telephone is absolutely fantastic enabling us to speak with my mother after 2 or 3 years.
Star Rating


Review by ALFRED FELLOWS (Posted on 12/03/2018)
Star Rating

After sales

Review by Mrs B Williams (Posted on 28/02/2018)
This telephone is excellent and after sales service I can't thank them enough for the way they looked after me. I would recommend them highly
Star Rating

Doro does it again with an excellent product.

Review by Val (Posted on 23/11/2017)
I was the same with our old phone, kept saying "sorry could you repeat that" but not now. My only criticism is that the handset can easily get knocked off its cradle but that is minor considering how well I can hear callers again when using it and my hearing aids don't start whistling.
Star Rating


Review by Smitha385 (Posted on 20/05/2016)
I really like your writing style, good information, thankyou for posting D. fefdeegafcbkcfge
Star Rating

My mum is 95 years old and has been find...

Review by Zillah Martin (Posted on 05/06/2015)
My mum is 95 years old and has been finding it increasingly difficult to use the phone. As she still lives alone being able to make and receive telephone calls is vital to her safety, and her relief at being able to hear once again and make herself understood has been overwhelming. This is a great product - easy to use with hearing aids, and also simple for an elderly person to work. A brilliant piece of kit. Thank you.
Star Rating

Got this phone for my dad who could not ...

Review by Linda (Posted on 07/03/2015)
Got this phone for my dad who could not hear hear people on the phone even with his hearing aid in. Now he can even though its not on the loudest setting. Great service also from hearing direct. Ordered it on line and it was delivered within 4 days.
Star Rating

Superb delivery service and the product ...

Review by Anne (Posted on 05/03/2015)
Superb delivery service and the product has certainly lived up to it's name. My mum could'nt hear on her old phone so couldn't talk to her friends/family which isolated her so much. It's good she can chat to us all and hear what we say as we don't live near so it has been very reassuring for everyone. Thank you so much.
Star Rating

Bought this phone for my wife who has po...

Review by alan merrick (Posted on 05/03/2015)
Bought this phone for my wife who has poor hearing, & it has fulfilled this 100%. The only downside compared to our Bt Relate 2100 is, it is not as simple/straight forward to use, more buttons need to be pressed for certain events, & no dedicated 1570 button.
Star Rating

My father, who has severe hearing loss, ...

Review by John (Posted on 19/01/2015)
My father, who has severe hearing loss, need a new telephone as he could not hear callers. Having looked at various web sites this model look as though it would do the job and is manufactured by the same company as his mobile telephone. He is very please with it and can now hear the telephone when it rings and the callers. Time will tell but it appears to have been a good choice.
Star Rating

I could not be happier with product and ...

Review by Bernie (Posted on 21/12/2014)
I could not be happier with product and service I received. At last I can make a telephone call without getting stressed out about people mumbling and speaking so quietly! I do have quite severe hearing loss and have already recommended this particular phone to others with a similar hearing loss.
Star Rating

This phone does exactly what it say's on...

Review by Tel (Posted on 10/12/2014)
This phone does exactly what it say's on the box. It must be one of the loudest phones on the market. I found it easy to set up and the father-in-law who is 93 and the main user of the phone feels more confident using this phone than his previous model.
Star Rating

Loud indeed but have found it isn't user...

Review by BigDaddyCat (Posted on 18/11/2014)
Loud indeed but have found it isn't user-friendly to work out how some of the buttons work.
Star Rating

Very pleased with my purchase being hard...

Review by Kathleen Stockdale (Posted on 15/08/2014)
Very pleased with my purchase being hard of hearing it is a wonderful product, i can now hear without any problem, voices sound so clear which is good,
Star Rating

I Have always struggled with telephone c...

Review by Mrs Sharon Kaminski-Brown (Posted on 28/05/2014)
I Have always struggled with telephone calls, which is a problem when I need to take bookings for my business that I need to run from home. (I have always hated answering the Telephone). But Now with my Doro Magna 4000 I love answering the phone. I have wasted so much time and money in the past trying Loud phones but they never are what they say on the box. My new loudest phone ever really works and it has made me very happy, No more apologising for the quiet line etc...No more excuses. I can now have a normal conversation with out asking anybody to repeat their name etc.... It Is Great!!!
Star Rating

We've tried several phones for dad and h...

Review by Patricia Holmes (Posted on 17/04/2014)
We've tried several phones for dad and he has always complained that they either looked like they were made for someone much older than him or that they were too quiet and so he never used them. This has finally sorted him out! Now we can't get him off the phone but a nice problem to have!!!!!
Star Rating
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