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Earigate Ear Cleaning System

Earigate is a safe, effective earwax removal system pioneered by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. It is a simple, hypoallergenic solution that helps to maintain clean and healthy ears. Made up of 100% natural seawater, Earigate both removes unwanted earwax from inside the ear canal and cleanses the area. Regular use can reduce the risk of the further wax build up.

The solution is comfortable to apply using the patented Flexinozzle - a rounded tip that can be gently inserted into the ear. Having successfully dissolved the earwax the fluid is channelled safely back out of the ear canal without causing damage to the eardrum or other sensitive areas.

What Is It?

  • Patented flexi-tip nozzle and reverse spray action for an easy insertion
  • Removes excess earwax safely and cleans the surrounding area
  • 100% natural seawater is used to make a gentle, hypoallergenic solution
  • Earigate Cleaning System can be applied to adults and children over the age of six

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