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Daily Living

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  1. Geemarc Easy TV 5
  2. Switel Vitalert CT8 Communicator & Tracker
  3. Geemarc Easy TV 15 Remote Control
  4. Geemarc Standard Keyboard
  5. CPR Call Blocker V5000
  6. CPR Watchu Guardian GPS Smart Watch
  7. Geemarc Easy TV 10 Remote Control
  8. Geemarc VISO30 Extra Large Clock With Calendar
  9. Geemarc V2T-10 Voice to Text Converter
  10. CPR Call Blocker CS600
  11. Amplicomms BKR 33
  12. CPR Call Blocker Shield

1-12 of 29

At Freehearingtest we work hard to source a wide range of products that will help improve your day-to-day life whether at work, home or away. From monitoring your baby's well being to staying touch with friends and family or improving communication in the workplace we have something for everyone.

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