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Loud Alarm Clocks

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  1. Sonic Alert SBA475 Vibrating Analogue Alarm Clock
  2. Geemarc CLA2 Vibrating Pad White
  3. Geemarc CLA 2 Shaker Black
  4. Amplicomms TCL410 Extra Loud Alarm Clock With Vibrating Pad
  5. Sonic Bomb SBB500SS Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock
  7. Geemarc SBT600SS Alarm Clock
  8. Geemarc Wake N Shake Alarm Clock
  9. Amplicomms TCL350 Extra Loud Alarm Clock
  10. Sonic Alert SBP100 Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock
  11. Sonic Bumber Bomb

    Sonic Bunker Bomb SBC575SS Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

    Regular Price: 62,99 €

    Special Price 56,99 €

  12. Amplicomms TCL200 Talk Digital Extra Loud Alarm Clock

1-12 of 18

Our alarm clock range has been specifically selected to help those with hearing loss. We stock a collection of extra loud alarm clocks that are ideal for the hard of hearing and the hard to wake alike!

At HearingDirect, we know it can be difficult to hear the alarm clock. That’s why we provide an expert range of loud alarm clocks to overcome the struggle of not hearing an alarm go off.

We have a variety of different styles, as well as analogue and digital alarm clocks. Our extra loud alarm clocks start from as little as £14.99. Our alarm clock range includes a variety of key alerting methods to really help kick start your morning. We stock proven products that feature wireless vibration, flashing lights, and extra loud alarm sounds to really get you up and out of bed!

Some of our most trusted and reliable brands, such as Amplicomms and Geemarc, provide some excellent extra loud alarm clocks. We have a super loud selection of alarm clocks that range from 70db to over 100db, with the Sonic Boom, our loudest alarm clock peaking at 113db.

Finding the right alarm clock for your needs can be tricky. Would you like some advice on making a decision? We have put together a blog post on the best alarm clocks for the hearing impaired to ease your selection qualms.

At HearingDirect, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on any item and that includes our alarm clock range.

Why not order our catalogue? You can browse our alarm clocks and other items in your own time. Or, if you have a question, please do contact us and our expert team will do our best to get back to you.


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