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Amplicomms PTV 110 Vibration Pad

  • PTV110
  • PTV110
  • PTV110
PTV 110 User Guide
6th May, 2011 635KB

Ideal for those with a hearing impairment and fully compatible with a variety of Amplicomms accessories, the PTV110 vibrating pad pillow will alert you to the ring of an alarm or an incoming call. It’s super easy to use; simply plug it into the nearest power socket, place the vibrating pad under your pillow and trust the rhythmic vibration to wake you when your alarm goes off. The PTV110 is sleek and unobtrusive, enabling you to relax, safe in the knowledge that you won’t miss a call or oversleep.

Amplicomms is a leading telecommunications brand renowned for producing high quality, innovative communication solutions for the hard of hearing, visually impaired and the elderly. As part of the German based giant Audioline, Amplicomms remains committed to developing forward thinking, stylish accessories that can make a real difference to daily life.

Key features:

  • Quick and simple to plug in and use
  • Vibrates when you receive an incoming call or in case of alarm ring
  • Place under your pillow
  • Compatible with:

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