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Geemarc VISO20 Clock With Calendar

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VISO20 User Guide
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Vat Relief Declaration
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Geemarc VISO 20 Clock With Calendar means there is no need to lose track of time. The Geemarc VIS0 20 digital clock and calendar with a large display screen clearly marks both the date and time. Built with an automatic standby and wake mode, with three different display formats available, the clock is programmable in seven different languages. The VISO 20 can be wall mounted or placed on a stand and is powered by mains electric. For a larger screen, you could consider the Geemarc VISO 30.

When it comes to specialist telecommunications equipment Geemarc has over fifty years experience within the field. The company is committed to creating innovative communication devices that are designed to help the hard of hearing and visually impaired stay connected.


  • 3 display formats: Day of the week / Hour / Date, Day of the week/part of the day / Hour, « Now it’s day and part of the day (ex: « Now it’s Wednesday Night »)
  • 12/24H display
  • 7 languages available: French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Hebrew
  • Programmable function : Automatic standby/turn on
  • Wall mountable or on stand
  • Material: hypo-allergenic plastic
  • Backup data in the internal memory
  • 5V DC adapter
  • Dimensions : 19 x 15,5 cm Thickness : 2 cm
  • Weight : 0,287g

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