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CPR Watchu Guardian GPS Smart Watch

  • CPR Watchu Guardian GPS Smart Watch
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  • CPR Watchu Guardian GPS Smart Watch - CPR

If you are looking for a smart watch that doubles up as both a phone and GPS tracking facility, then consider the WATHCU Guardian GPS from CPR Call Blocker.

Designed specifically to help support independent living for the elderly and vulnerable adults, the WATCHU Guardian GPS offers the reassurance of instant communication when needed. By using the exceptionally versatile CPR Chameleon mobile network, the watch is able to switch between all the large mobile networks in order to obtain the best GPS tracking signal available. Staying in contact and asking for help has never been so easy, with the SOS button and tracking facility designed to keep trusted friends and family close at hand.

The WATCHU Guardian GPS comes supplied with a £3.00 credit already loaded onto the CPR Chameleon PAYG SIM, so it will work from the moment you unwrap the box. To give you an idea – the basic location tracking facility on the watch will use approximately £1.75 of credit a week. The cost of voice calls will vary depending upon usage. Topping up your CPR SIM is easily done via the CPR Chameleon page. (instructions sent with your order)


  • SOS Button for emergency call to action
  • Emergency signal will call pre-registered numbers and send the location
  • Uses GPS, LBS, GPRS and Wifi connections for precise accuracy of location
  • Receive calls
  • Make calls to up to 16 contacts from the watch
  • Geo-Zones: a virtual radius around location defined by carers like Home or Park
  • Alerts send every time the user enters or leaves the Geo-Zone
  • Voice message
  • Battery life up to 120 hours
  • Pedometer
  • Watchu app available the Apple App Store and Google Play Store
  • From the app: track the wearer's location, manage geo-zones, call the wearer, add contacts, send voice mails, set up multiple devices

CPR Call Blocker is a British company with a worldwide reputation for their innovative Call Blocker technology, designed to put an end to all nuisance calls. They have since developed other pioneering communications solutions, the latest being the new GPS smart watch – WATCHU Guardian GPS.

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