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Affordable Hearing Aids From Freehearingtest

Affordable hearing aids do exist and can be found at HearingDirect.com. We supply affordable hearing aids in the US, UK, Australia, and Europe.

Prices start at $149/£99 per device. Order online or scroll down to learn more about our digital hearing aids.

Affordable Hearing Aids from Freehearingtest

Hearing aid prices will vary based on style, type, design, technology, and brand. At HearingDirect you will find an expert range of affordable hearing aids without compromising on performance. Our high-quality digital devices come packed with the latest features, matching many of the top hearing aid brands. We also have more basic models for an even more affordable alternative.

We have created our very own brand of hearing aids that have been specifically designed to help you save money, and our digital devices start from as little as £99/$149.

Cost of Hearing Aids

How much do hearing aids cost? The average price of a privately purchased digital hearing aid could set you back thousands, but not at HearingDirect.com! We know that hearing aids can be expensive, so we have reduced many of the costs associated with hearing aids by introducing our own brand of affordable aids.

Before starting a search for a new device, it would be best to identify a budget and work from there. However, as expensive as some hearing aids may be, there are a number of affordable models, whose price will not have a substantial impact on your budget.

Hearing aids should not be considered a luxury, they are a need for millions of people across the world. When it comes to buying a hearing aid, the primary goal is to help you overcome daily difficulties, improve your lifestyle and whichever model you choose should be the right for you. Even better yet, affordable hearing aids do exist so you don’t have to break the bank to have a new device.

Which Hearing Aid Would Best Suit Me?

When selecting a new model and deciding on the cost of hearing aids, consider its benefits and features.

  • How many features will I actually need?
  • What is the best option for my hearing loss?
  • What type of hearing aid would I like?
  • What options are there within my budget?

The average life of a hearing aid around five years so it can be classed as a long-term investment so it’s best to get this bit right.

There are many types of hearing aids. They are split into several main categories including behind the ear, in the ear, body worn, implants and disposable aids. While some of these types are expensive due to their features, their level of technology or brand, we offer a wide choice of hearing impairment devices that you can purchase immediately and receive the next day without having to spend thousands.

Our Selection of Affordable Hearing Aids

Behind the ear models - One of the most popular and affordable hearing aid types are behind the ear models. They come in a compact and comfortable discreet form and vary in size and colour. One of the biggest advantages of behind the ear hearing aids is that they are suitable for all people with mild to moderate hearing loss. These hearing aids are reliable, need fewer repairs due to the protected electronics situated away from the ear canal, and have a long battery life.

HD210 Digital Hearing Aid HD 210 Digital Hearing Aid

At HearingDirect we supply many behind the ear models. The HD 210 Digital Hearing Aid is our most competitively priced and one of our smallest behind the ear devices with barely visible micro-tubing. The HD 210 has been designed for ease of use and wearer comfort, keeping the ear ‘open’. It features noise reduction technology and volume control for extra personalization and improved hearing in background noise.

Another popular behind the ear option is the HD 420 Digital Hearing Aid. The HD 420 is not only an exceptionally small, almost invisible, receiver-in-canal style device, but it’s also packed full of the latest hearing technology. There is no shortage of clever features designed to enhance your listening experience, allowing you to get on with your daily life by providing a quality sound you can rely on.

In the ear devices - Another popular type of widely available devices is in ear hearing aids. Many prefer them for their tiny size, discretion and almost invisible design. The beauty of our in the ear hearing aids is that once fitted, you can completely forget that you are wearing a device due to their light and small nature, leaving you free to enjoy life.

HD151 Digital Hearing Aid HD151 Digital Hearing Aid

The HD 151 Digital Hearing Aid is one of our entry-level devices. Designed to please those who value simplicity, it does so without compromising on sound quality. In a technical world that is growing increasingly complicated, it can be a relief to find a hearing aid that is easy to use.

One of our more premium, yet affordable hearing aids is the HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid. Packed to bursting with the latest hearing technology, the in the ear model is designed to provide not only the ultimate in sound quality but is incredibly comfortable to wear.

For a discreet device, see our selection of invisible hearing aids.

Test Your Hearing

It is recommended that you check your hearing regularly. Our online hearing test is free, only takes a few minutes and results are instant.

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The outcome of the test will indicate if you should take further action to prevent hearing loss. This should not replace regular audiometric testing performed by a hearing professional.

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