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Doro Comfort 3000 Amplified Phone Review

Amplified corded phone: Doro Comfort 3000 Desk Phone Review

Unfortunately, the Doro Comfort 3000 Desk Phone is no longer available. The Doro range is extensive and we would suggest the Doro Magna 4000 Corded Phone. Alternatively, have a look at our entire range of amplified phones or contact us here.

This is a video review of the Doro Comfort 3000. As you can see here, this is a desk phone. It’s an amplified desk phone for use in the home or the office. One of the things that stands out for us straight away here Freehearingtest is the contemporary style and design of the phone. The buttons aren’t particularly large but there are good levels of amplification, so it’s a great phone if you’re looking for just a louder phone that you can hear better and have a better conversation on but that doesn’t have some of the other features that a lot of these types of phones tend to have which are oversized buttons, oversized screens, etc.

We’re just looking at the phone in terms of some of the functionality and features that it has. It has two ways of using or listening to the phone, you can either lift or use the receiver. If we take that off there for a moment, you can see when you’re using your receiver, there is a volume control up and down here and this is the boost button here which is designed to provide maximum amplification to the receiver. It also has a speaker phone function which you can engage by pressing this button and green light will light up. It’s indicated it’s in use and then the microphone for speaking into is located here and the sound of the person’s voice will come from over here.

In addition you’ve got several buttons here above the actual main dialling sections, this is phone book, this is programming and accessing the phonebook and these are designed and then we just scroll up and down within the phonebook, this button here enables you to access caller ID if you subscribe to that service and you can use these two go up and down and look at previous call lists, etc. Down here you have the mute button here and you have the redial button here and the recall button is located here.

Just looking at the side of the phone in terms of some of the settings within here, this volume control here is the volume control when you are using the speaker phone function located here, as I said this is the volume control for when you’re using the normal receiver. So that’s for the speaker phone on a slider and then on the back of the phone, you’ve then got a setting which enable you to choose between either the standard speakers on the phone or either receiver or the speaker phone or you can switch it across and that will change the setting to the headset which is another socket on the phone and enables you to attach a headset for hands free calling.

This here is the ringer volume, ringer off, ringer medium and ringer loud. This is the power socket and this is the telephone socket for connecting got the telephone.

So the battery compartment which is also located here and there are additional switches and setting available on the inside of the battery compartment.

So overall, a good phone. It has up to 30 decibels of volume which is around five to eight times louder than the standard desk phone. So if you’re looking for a phone that’s got good levels of volume and clarity with caller ID and a good display but that doesn’t necessarily look like an amplified phone and fix in with a very much more contemporary design then this would be the model to go for.

But if you like more information about the Doro Comfort 3000 then please do call our customer services team on 0800-032-1301 or you can e-mail us out of hours to .

Main Features Of The Doro Comfort 3000:

  • 30dB voice volume (about 8 times louder than a standard phone)
  • 85dB ringer volume (about 6 times louder than a standard phone)
  • Adjustable tone and volume levels
  • 10 two touch speed dials
  • Caller ID
  • 50 Phonebook entries
  • Optional visual ring indicator
  • 3 ringer volume settings
  • Understated looks for home or office environment

The Doro Comfort 3000 is just one of our expansive selection of quality Doro Phones. Click to view our super Doro range and how it may help you. 

Order today and it can be delivered to you tomorrow, completely hassle free. What’s there not to like? If you want to know more about this phone or other Amplified Phones  in our range, please don’t hesitate to call us, or check out our website for more details.


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