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Geemarc AmpliCALL 5030 Baby Monitor with Alerter

  • Geemarc Amplicall 5030
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10th Jun, 2011 45KB

Geemarc is a leading manufacturer of assistive listening devices; with decades of experience helping the hard of hearing. Their AmpliCALL range features specialised alerting products, helping to ensure that important sounds are not missed.

The AmpliCALL 50/30 is a baby monitor and receiver package. The AmpliCALL 30 does the monitoring part, and this is placed near the baby. If the baby makes a noise it will send a signal to the alerter or receiver unit called the AmpliCALL 50.

There are a number of useful features on the AmpliCALL 30 Monitor. It is designed to be a portable monitor and operates on 3 AAA batteries (included). The unit has a low battery indicator as well a test button to help give parents the peace of mind that the unit is working. It does however have the option of being plugged into the mains. There is also a 3.5mm jack socket for connection to an external alarm if this is required in addition to the alerter.

The AmpliCALL 30 is easy to set up and use; it is also easy to pair to the AmpliCALL 50 Alerter part. You can vary the detection time and sensitivity – useful for those parents who only want to be alerted to loud crying from their babies.

So in summary, if you purchase this, you will receive two items – the Amplicall 30 (the wireless transmitter) and the Amplicall 50 (the vibrating/ringing receiver).

Features AmpliCALL 50:

  • Wireless Amplicall Range Compatible Receiver
  • Pair with up to 4 different devices
  • 4 visual indicators options
  • Volume control (off, low, high) up to 80dB
  • Vibrating switch on/off
  • Operates on batteries 3xAAA included

Features AmpliCALL 30:

  • Wireless Transmitter for the Amplicall Range
  • Emergency call push button
  • Dectection Time Adjustment
  • Sensivity Adjustement
  • Jack socket for connection to an external alarm system
  • Operates on batteries 3xAAA included

Can be paired with

  • AmpliCALL20

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