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Geemarc AmpliDect 280 Amplified Cordless Telephone

The perfect solution for anyone looking for an easy-to-use amplified cordless phone.


Fully compatible with BT phone lines. BT_Logo.jpg

This innovative Geemarc amplified cordless telephone has all the features you need for comfort and ease of use – with all the high-tech features you would expect from a top end cordless telephone. Its big, backlit buttons and extra large backlit display screen make it easy to see, even for those with visual impairment. Its stylish design, however, means it has a sleek, designer look for discretion and style. It is hearing aid compatible, with a telecoil hidden inside the handset; adjustable volume control (up to 30dB) and tone control are also accessible thanks to large push-button controls on the side of the telephone: it has never been easier to customise your phone to your hearing needs. A boost button also allows you to automatically revert it to the default volume setting – until the conversation is ended! It will then automatically revert to your usual settings. Features include a handsfree speaker phone, clock, torch, caller ID and phonebook with up to 50 names and numbers. Extra handsets are available: pair up to 4 extra handsets to your AmpliDECT280 and enjoy telephone conversations everywhere in your home: the range goes from 30 metres indoors to an incredible 80 metres outdoors!

  • Adjustable volume control (up to 30dB)
  • Adjustable receiving tone control (+/-10dB)
  • The volume and tone control can be adjusted from the handset for greater ease of use.
  • Adjustable ringing volume with variety of melodies
  • Speaker Phone
  • 4 direct memories
  • Phonebook of up to 50 names and numbers
  • Caller ID
  • Extra Large backlit display with extra large characters
  • Big Button backlit keypad
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • 2.5mm socket for connection to an external ear hook or headset
  • Shaker function on the handset
  • Wall mountable
  • Standby time: 5 days
  • Continuous talk time: 6 hours
  • Outdoor range of 300 metres
  • Indoor range of 50 metres

Customer Reviews

  1. This phone was bought for my elderly mot...

    by D A Shortreed on 21/10/2014

    This phone was bought for my elderly mother and she is delighted with it.It is easily heard and good quality sound.
    Star Rating
  2. This product was not right for me BUT th...

    by JE Pandazis on 05/10/2014

    This product was not right for me BUT the service (before & after) was first-rate - thank you.
    Star Rating
  3. My husband has been having great difficu...

    by Mrs. Diane O'Connell on 07/02/2014

    My husband has been having great difficulty in being able to have a conversation on the phone because of his poor hearing. At last he is able to hear clearly with this new phone. Brilliant!
    Star Rating
  4. At Last...... I can finally hear clearly...

    by angela timbrell on 22/02/2012

    At Last...... I can finally hear clearly what the other person on the telephone is saying.... I rate this product as excellent and great value for money, I wish I had bought one sooner ! Thankyou.
    Star Rating
  5. Whilst the first cordless 'phone sent ap...

    by Raymond Lyman on 18/01/2012

    Whilst the first cordless 'phone sent appeared to be faulty, a replacement was sent out swiftly (probably before you received my returns) and this was much appreciated. This replacement 'phone was connected up without problem, and it found its base immediately. It is too early to say how well it serves, but at p[resent appears to fulfil our needs. I would however suggest that the manufacturer looks at his instruction book and changes the order so that all connecting and setting up operations appear before instructions on how to use it.
    Star Rating
  6. The service I have received from Hearing...

    by Pete.c on 05/10/2011

    The service I have received from Hearingdirect has been superb. I used the online live chat available on their website and got great advice from them. A superb phone at a great price. Excellent piece of kit with large easy to use features, extremely loud earpiece and excellent hands free speaker operation. Also a very easy to use phone book with caller name and number id display with ten ring melodies per caller available. I really cant fault this phone and my mother, who is heard of hearing, and I can now talk to each other in ease. This phone really has been a tremendous boon for someone who previously found it difficult to hear on any other phone and hearingdirect have been superb in fast communication and service. 5 out of 5 for this phone and 5 out of 5 for hearing direct.
    Star Rating
  7. I give this product a 4 rating. My frie...

    by Audrey Mann on 16/08/2011

    I give this product a 4 rating. My friend is very hard of hearing and I got this phone for her because she was always missing calls. A cordless handset is a big step from the old set she had and as she is 87 I was worried how she would cope. Amazingly, the next morning she rang my mobile, reached the voicemail and left me a message. She can hear the speech clearly, the variety of tones for the ringer is good and there are several other useful features including a torch and one-button memories.
    Star Rating

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