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Geemarc CL7150 wireless TV listener

  • Geemarc CL7150
Vat Relief Declaration
25th Oct, 2011 1MB
Geemarc CL7150 User Guide
03rd Apr, 2014 4.14MB

VAT_Reclaim.gifThe first TV amplifier to offer connection to the latest digital televisions, this fantastic new device is designed to provide personal volume and tone levels without affecting volume for other viewers. There are quite a few of these devices on the market but this is the only one we have found that connects to Digital TV’s without SCART or Red and White audio out options.

Geemarc CL7150 wireless TV listener Specification:

  • Connects to most new digital TV's
  • Volume control adjustment independent of TV volume
  • Tone control for Treble and Bass)
  • Balance control to give left or right ear balance preference
  • Comfortable and lightweight, the headest can be used for up to 10 hours continuous use
  • Sound is wirelessly transmitted from the charging unit which plugs into your TV
  • Automatically re-charges when placed back in holder after use

Customer Reviews

  1. Happy customer.

    by William,Cumbria. on 27/12/2017

    Excellent customer service, equipment great, neighbours happy, many thanks.
    Star Rating
  2. I bought these for my father who is very...

    by Peter Boxshall on 30/10/2014

    I bought these for my father who is very deaf. Previously he had been using ordinary in the ear earphones driven by a home built amplifier which could deliver sufficient power to create high the sound pressure levels he requires. The earphones though failed regularly because they were being overdriven. The CL7150 can produce very high sound pressure levels and is a huge improvement over the previous arrangement. I have used the optical connection from the TV which works very well and the wireless IR operation is a bonus as my father is partially sighted & leads were a nuisance. All in all, I'm very pleased.
    Star Rating
  3. I think my new T.V. Listener is a great ...

    by Mrs Sharon Kaminski-Brown on 28/05/2014

    I think my new T.V. Listener is a great invention. I Can now listen to the T.V. at my own volume without deafening my family. I do not mind not being able to hear the families voices as they annoyed me telling me what the television was just saying so then I would miss the next bit while they are talking. Then I would argue and tell them to shut up as I am trying to listen. (Optional Microphone can be plugged in if you would rather hear the people around you.) The radio signal must have a line of site when listening or the sound goes of, so better a bit higher if possible if you have a pet as my dog keeps walking round in front of the T.V. and blocks the signal for a second as she passes!!! But it is Great I can hear every word and the music sounds great too. The t.v. makes a lot more sound effects that I never even knew it did as I missed a lot.
    Star Rating
  4. What a pleasure it is to deal with effic...

    by JL on 26/03/2014

    What a pleasure it is to deal with efficient and charming people! Thank you.
    Star Rating

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