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Geemarc CL7310 wireless TV listener

VAT_Reclaim.gifHear the television again with the new CL7310 wireless listener! Just plug the base unit into the television and wear the headset all around the house. Introduced to replace the very successful CL7300, the CL7310 now comes with a special microphone which can be activated to switch input from the TV to the microphone to enable a conversation while wearing the headset and without having to replace hearing aids. The large, easily accessible buttons on front to adjust the volume: the CL7310´s 2.4GHz radio transmission will guarantee a flawless quality of sound. A SCART connection (included in the box) mean that the sound from the TV is not cut off for the other members of the household: you can all listen together, each at your optimal volume level!

Geemarc CL7310 wireless TV listener Specification:

  • Amplification (up to 125dB)
  • Microphone option for conversation mode
  • Tone Control (low-medium-high)
  • Balance Control
  • Mono / Stereo setting
  • Ultra-light headset (45g)
  • Auto power-on when headset is worn
  • Plugs directly into the TV and transmits the sound wirelessly to the headset
  • 4 hour continuous listening time.
  • Recharges when placed back onto the transmitter.
  • Spare battery included.

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