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  1. Phonak Naida Q50
  2. Phonak Roger Clip-On Mic Microphone & MyLink Receiver Bundle
  3. Phonak Roger EasyPen Transmitter & MyLink Receiver Bundle
  4. Closed fitting domes for HD91, HD151, HD230
  5. Open fitting domes for HD91, HD151, HD230
  6. Phonak ComPilot
  7. Phonak C Stop Wax Guards

    Phonak C Stop Wax Guards Pack of 5

    Regular Price: £32.49

    Special Price £27.99

  8. Phonak Removal Tool
  9. Phonak SmartGuard Wax Protector

    Phonak SmartGuard Wax Protector

    Regular Price: £8.99

    Special Price £7.49

  10. Phonak Audeo Smart
  11. Phonak C Stop Wax Guards

    Phonak C Stop Wax Guards

    Regular Price: £6.49

    Special Price £5.19

  12. Phonak Cros ITE

1-12 of 87

Phonak hearing aids are a top-rated option when it comes down to choosing a high-quality and high-performance device. 

Which Phonak Hearing Aids Do We Dispense?

Phonak hearing aids represent a collection of world-leading hearing instruments. Phonak’s premium products have over 20 features such as wind block, echo block, rear ear sound, stereo zoom and more. On the Hearing Direct web store, you can browse the following models: 

With a range of behind-the-ear and in-the-ear devices, we present a range that you can explore to match your preferences and hearing needs. Additionally, check out our Phonak hearing aid accessories for replacement parts or spares to upgrade your device.  

Why Phonak?

Phonak is passionate about improving the quality of life for the hard of hearing. As a global brand, Phonak is focused on creating a world where everyone can enjoy the wonders of hearing. Recent years has seen Phonak become one of the world’s foremost hearing aid manufacturers - innovation and state-of-the-art hearing aids is their specialty. 

At Hearing Direct, we are delighted to bring you an expert range of reliable Phonak products. They are committed to developing the latest cutting-edge technologies to combat hearing loss head-on.

Check Your Hearing For Free

Should you feel concerned about your auditory senses, take our online hearing test

Whether you are looking to check the status of your hearing or see whether it has changed recently, our test can offer the insight you need. It only takes three minutes and results are instant. The results will indicate if you need to take further action to protect your hearing. We always recommend that you visit your GP or consult an audiologist for a professional hearing screening. 

Alternatively, our own brand or digital hearing aids can help you effectively manage mild to moderate hearing loss. 

What To Expect From Hearing Direct

At Hearing Direct, we only supply top quality brands that we trust and consider reliable such as Phonak. We, along with the many brands we dispense, are committed to improving the quality of life for the hard of hearing. 

Free delivery is available on all orders of £20 and above, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee should you feel unsatisfied with your purchase. Furthermore, if you have any questions, please do contact us and our expert team will do their best to assist you.