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Phonak SmartGuard Wax Protector

What is it?

  • A pack of 6 wax guards.

What does it do?

  • Taking care to replace the wax guard on a hearing aid can significantly increase the lifetime of the products. The Phonak SmartGuard is an acoustically transparent, membrane based system that unites smart technology with easy to use tools. SmartGuard replacement is recommended once every two months, although this varies considerably individual to individual. Daily inspection of the wax guard is highly recommended, and it can be wiped with a soft cloth until replacement is necessary. In a nutshell - Prevents wax from entering in-the-ear hearing aids.

Can be used with?

  • Used as wax protection method on many Phonak in-the-ear hearing aids from all ranges but the SmartGuard system only works for hearing aids equipped with this specific wax guard system. .

Customer Reviews

  1. I was very satisfied with your service a...

    by Anthony Martin on 05/01/2012

    I was very satisfied with your service and especially so close to Christmas, was delighted to receive my hearing aid filters as I'd nearly completely run out as I use a lot in view of producing a lot of ear wax, many thanks again for your excellent service and rate 5 out of 5.
    Star Rating
  2. I ordered 4 x Phonak SmartGuard Wax Prot...

    by Keith White on 02/11/2011

    I ordered 4 x Phonak SmartGuard Wax Protector Packs and these were delivered promptly, postage free, at a very competitive price. Have used the first 2 protectors and they seem to be working well. Thank you
    Star Rating

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