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Cheap Hearing Aids Options

hearing aidCheap hearing aids do exist and come in a variety of types, shapes, features and price tags. Choosing a hearing aid may be a long and exhausting process as hearing devices can be an expensive and long-term investment. It is only natural that those who will use them, want to make sure that they have made the right selection. Thankfully, hearing aids have advanced so much that the abundance of choice now offers a great potential to find a high-quality hearing aid at a very affordable price.

There are various ways you can get a cheap hearing aid or even for free, without having to make compromises on quality. Many people are apprehensive when seeing prices that they perceive as extraordinarily low and suspect the origin and proper functioning of the device. While this caution is justified in some cases, the mere sight of a price tag of a few thousand pounds can quickly convince many hard of hearing to refrain from buying a hearing aid for an indefinite period of time.

There is a solution to this problem. It is possible to find cheap hearing aid options from as little as £99 and enjoy the sounds around you again. First, you need to know the basic functionalities a hearing aid should offer, as well as which are the most important features that will help you obtain maximum benefit.

Hearing aid main features:

The newest and most expensive hearing aids come with a variety of features and functions, which often remain idle in many cases, especially if the hearing aid is used by individuals who are less technically aware. Such devices are packed with an excessive amount of programmes and adjustments that some may find difficult to understand and implement without the help of a specialist. Nevertheless, there is a basic set of features you should look for in a hearing aid:

  1. Digital technology
  2. Noise reduction
  3. Volume control
  4. Easy manipulation
  5. Telecoil
  6. Speech focus

Affordable hearing aids

A way of getting a cheap hearing aid is to look for a dispenser that can offer you real value for money, skipping the substantial markup of the high street stores. Many online shops, such as HearingDirect, are specialised in offering affordable high-quality digital hearing aids.

The prices of HearingDirect’s own brand start at just £99 and for a little more than £250, you can equip yourself with a powerful multifunctional hearing aid with a contemporary design.

We have a selection of HearingDirect Hearing Aids ranging in value, design and technology, and we have devices to suit your needs. Our entry level model starts with the HD 90 Digital Hearing Aid, up to our current top of the range own brand model, the HD 500.

We have an array of affordable hearing aids on our ever-growing website. The HD 150 Digital Hearing Aid will appeal to all looking for a combination of a discreet design and digital sound technology. Those features are also available with the HD 210 Digital Hearing Aid, which also offers an additional advantage – a volume control to easily adjust your preferred volume settings.

A great deal of our satisfied customers have purchased models from our BTE range, which can be additionally programmed to match specific hearing test results. The HD 210 Digital Hearing Aid offers a discreet design and fine micro tubing, which is combined with helpful features such as background noise reduction and a volume control.

We have a collection of more advanced devices too. The HD 350 and RIC 430 digital hearing aids boast a more comprehensive set of features but remain an affordable option. For the top of the range that HearingDirect offer, you could look at the HD 500, which is designed for the most demanding of listening situations.

Free hearing aids

The NHS offer a real alternative in terms of a quality digital hearing aid. Whilst there is some degree of waiting time and appointment processes to go through, the cost is a great advantage. You may find the choice fairly limited in terms of style but these hearing aids certainly offer a very economical alternative.

If you have any questions on any of our hearing aids, then please do contact us and our expert team will do their best to assist you.

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