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Cheap Hearing Aids Options

Cheap hearing aids do exist and come in a variety of types, with a mix of essential features, and price tags. Choosing a hearing aid may be a long and exhausting process as these devices can be an expensive and long-term investment. Therefore, it is only natural to seek the right hearing aid at the right price.

Thankfully, digital hearing aids have advanced so much that the abundance of choice now offers a great potential to find a high-quality hearing aid at a very affordable price.

Where Can I Find Cheap Hearing Aids?

At Freehearingtest, that's where. Our hearing aids start from as little as $149/£99. With a focus on price, and without compromising on quality, Freehearingtest presents a valuable solution to purchasing a brand new, high-quality device, without spending thousands. The mere sight of an expensive price tag can rapidly convince those to refrain from buying a device almost indefinitely. The ability to hear should not be considered a luxury or privilege, and cheap hearing aids offer the hard of hearing on a budget a very affordable option.

Cheap Hearing Aids Packed With The Best Bits

Advancements in technologies have led to an advancement in hearing instruments. Hearing aids are smaller and lighter than ever before, yet are fully loaded with the latest features to deliver a proper listening experience.

First, you need to know the basic functionalities a hearing aid should offer, as well as which are the most important features that will help you obtain maximum benefit. Regardless, there is a basic set of features you should look for in all types of hearing aid:

  • Digital components to amplify and enhance sounds
  • Telecoil settings for wider compatibility
  • Background noise reduction
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Speech focus

The newest and most expensive hearing aids come with a variety of features and functions. Such devices are packed with an excessive amount of programmes and adjustments that some may find difficult to understand and implement without the help of a specialist.

Cheap Hearing Aids Available At Freehearingtest

A way of getting a cheap hearing aid is to identify a dispenser that can offer you real value for money, skipping the substantial markup of mega-stores and premium retailers. Online shops, such as ourselves specialize in offering affordable hearing aids.

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HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid

cheap hearing aids HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid

The HD 250 is one of our most popular models. As an accomplished, all-around device, it contains the most essential features to properly manage hearing loss, yet is extremely cost-friendly. It is very small and discreet, making it a comfortable fit to both first time or experienced wearers. The adjustable volume control means you can fine-tune your device depending on your environment, and for a more tailored listening experience, we can program the HD 250 based on hearing test results.

HD 91 Digital Hearing Aid

The HD 91 is one of our entry level models.

cheap hearing aids HD 91 Digital Hearing Aid

This ready-to-wear hearing aid requires no fitting, hearing test or prescription. Simply order and when it arrives, switch on and it's ready to go. This in the ear hearing aid, like our other models, is small and lightweight, and hosts the essential features you would expect to tackle hearing loss head on. As for the cost, the $149 per aid makes this device ideally suited for those on a budget.

HD 500 Digital Hearing Aids 

cheap hearing aids HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid

The HD 500 is one of our most powerful models. This in the canal device is designed to deliver the ultimate hearing experience as is packed with some of the latest technologies on today's market. The HD 500 embodies everything you would expect from a hearing aid and boasts a smart selection of special features to enhance the way we hear sounds.

Furthermore, if you are unsure which device or features best fit your listening needs, our hearing aid comparison will help identify potential models for you.

Where Can I Get Free Hearing Aids?

This is very much a matter of location. In the United Kingdom, the NHS offers an alternative to privately purchasing a high-quality device. Whilst there is some degree of waiting time and an appointment process to go through, the free cost is a great advantage. You may find the choice fairly limited in terms of style but these hearing aids certainly offer a very economical alternative. On the other hand in the US, you may have to apply via foundations or charities to qualify for free hearing aids.

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