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Invisible Hearing Aids

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  1. HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid

    HD 250 Digital Hearing Aid / Invisible Hearing Aid
  2. HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid

    HD 500 Digital Hearing Aid (hand)
  3. HD 151 Digital Hearing Aid

    HD 151 Digital Hearing Aid
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  4. HD 390 Digital Hearing Aid

    HD 390 Digital Hearing Aid Hand / Invisible Hearing Aid

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4 Item(s)

Invisible hearing aids are designed with discretion in mind.  

Invisible hearing aids help device wearers feel more comfortable about requiring a hearing aid by decreasing visibility. Most of our hearing aids are so small and lightweight, you will even forget you are wearing one! Digital hearing aids that are hidden and out of sight can help improve esteem and the improvement in the quality of life that they provide is priceless. 

The hearing aids we supply offer an alternative to purchasing a device privately. At Hearing Direct, you will find an affordable range of hearing aids, without compromising on sound quality. Hearing aids have greatly improved over the years and the concerns surrounding wearing a device can be eliminated, thanks to invisible hearing aids.

We house a reliable collection of discreet devices designed for mild to moderate hearing loss. Our over the counter hearing aids can be bought directly online without the need for approval or a review from a medical professional. The invisible hearing aids we supply start from as little as $249 and are ready to wear on arrival. 

To help you make an informed decision on which invisible hearing aid would best suit you, we have created a collection of valuable guides and resources. For example, affordable hearing aidscost of hearing aids, and which hearing aid, could help you find the right digital device to meet your needs. 

Also available at Hearing Direct is a selection of hearing aid accessories such as wax guards, domes, and tubing. We also provide a wide range of hearing aid batteries in all the most popular sizes from a set of leading manufacturers.  

Should you have any questions regarding our invisible hearing aids then please do contact us, and our expert team will do their best to assist you.