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ReSound Surefit2 Medium Power Receiver Tube

  • ReSound Surefit2 Medium Power Receiver Tube

What Is It?

  • Single receiver tubing
  • ‘MP’ or medium power version
  • Available in 5 different lengths for left or right ears

The length of the receiver wire is usually printed as a small number on the metal casing of the receiver itself. Blue printing for the left ear, red for the right ear.

Surefit2 is the new range of fitting accessories from ReSound. They are replacing the preivous Surefit receiver models as there was an issue with the wire. The Surefit2 receivers are currently compatible with ReSound ENYA, LiNX² and Linx3D receiver-in-canal hearing aids. If you have any other ReSound products, including the first ReSound LiNX generation you will need the previous generation of ReSound thin tubings and domes.

Surefit2 receiver tubes are also manufactured as LP (Low Power) and HP (High Power) designs. Please ensure you are ordering the correct power level.

ReSound manufactures a number of different styles of sizes of domes for the Surefit2 receiver tubes. Please note that the domes are NOT included with the receiver tube and must be ordered separately. The range of compatible domes can be viewed on this webpage.

Small cerustop wax guards are used on the Surefit2 receiver tubes. See related our related items for a link to these.

Please note that if you are planning on changing the receiver tube yourself, ReSound recommend using a specific fitting tool for the ‘61’ and a different one for the ‘62’ models. If you do not have this tool, please contact us. Freehearingtest cannot be held responsible for any damage to hearing aids during the replacement process.

Customer Reviews

  1. Perfect fit

    by Ross mitchell on 11/11/2018

    I’ve bought these in the past thru HD and these are perfect fits for your linx3 aids. Since
    ReSound receivers tend to flake out more often than others it’s great to keep a spare set of these around.
    Easy to install and work perfectly.
    So glad I found this site.
    Star Rating

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