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Widex Easywear Instant RIC Double Ear-Tip S/M/P Pack of 10

  • Widex Instant Receiver hearing aid Dome
  • Widex Instant Receiver Double Dome Comparison

Easywear Hearing Aid Domes From Widex

The Widex Easywear Instant RIC Double Ear-Tips S/M/P fit the Widex S, M & P receiver in the canal device. These hearing aid domes come in packs of 10 in various sizes. 

What is it?

  • Pack of 10 double domes for the receiver
  • Fits to the S, M & P wired receivers used on Widex RIC models
  • Available in extra small, small, medium and large sizes

If you are unsure as to the correct size to order, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. Unopened packs may be returned for exchange or refund if you find the size ordered does not match your existing dome.

Freehearingtest tipIt is usually recommended that domes be changed every 3 months, more often if need be. Domes can be removed from the tubing and cleaned separately. Always ensure that the dome is pushed firmly onto the tubing, as far on as possible, before inserting into the ear.

About Widex

Widex manufactures a number of different sized domes for their RICs. If the double domes do not look like the dome style you use, you may need the ‘tulip’ or ‘double’ dome option.


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