GN ReSound

GN ReSound hearing aids are up-to-date hearing devices and GN ReSound hearing aid accessories and reliable due to GN ReSound being recognised as an internationally trusted brand. HearingDirect stock an expansive range of GN ReSound hearing aids, as well as accessories, featuring high-quality domes, tubing and wax guards.

Hearing aids by GN ReSound bring you one step closer to the latest hearing aid technologies, with their discreet designs making them ideal for anyone with any level of hearing impairment and the GN ReSound range starts from £495.

GN ReSound wax guards protect your hearing aid from wax build-up, the main cause of hearing aid malfunction, and their hearing aid domes provide greater comfort for hearing aid wearers. Our GN ReSound hearing aid accessories selection is ideal for those seeking improvements and replacement parts for hearing aids.

The group includes two other renowned hearing aid brands in Beltone and Interton, but the core focus is on ReSound and we provide some of their finest hearing aid instruments.

At HearingDirect, we only stock trusted brands that we class as reliable. GN ReSound hearing aids and accessories can seriously help improve the qualify of life for hearing loss sufferers.

If you have any questions, please do contact us and our expert team will do their best to help as much as possible.