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Clarity Phones

Clarity Phones

Clarity phones are here to ease communication and improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss. 

Our Clarity phones range features a super selection of extra loud phones, amplified mobile phones, and amplified ringers to help you better hear conversations and the phone ring. They boast high levels of amplification so you'll never miss a call or key snippets of information again. 

Super loud phones from Clarity are ideal for the hearing impaired, deaf, and the elderly. With a vast selection of easy to use features such as large buttons, clear screens, simple answering machines and more, Clarity is a brand of choice to suit your communication needs. Plus, many of the Clarity phones we supply are TIA-1083 compliant for hearing aid compatibility. 

As communication is a necessity, we know that staying in touch with family and friends is crucial. Clarity phones have been designed with hearing loss in mind, and their extra loud models mean it will be difficult to not hear the phone ring. Clarity phones are crisp and clear; their extra loud voice volume means you will no longer miss out on valuable conversions. 

Clarity is an American manufacturer and an industry leader when it comes to producing amplified phones for the hard of hearing. With over 40 years of experience, the company prides itself on creating products that will enhance the lives of those in need of their technology. 

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