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Loud Alarm Clocks

Loud Alarm Clocks

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  1. Sonic Alert SBT625SS Rise n’ Shine Travel Alarm Clock

  2. Sonic Alert SB1000SS Combination Alarm Clock with Super Shaker

  3. Sonic Alert BD4000 Big Display Maxx Alarm Clock

  4. Geemarc AmpliCALL500 Extra Loud Alarm Clock

  5. Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock


    Regular Price: $52.99

    Special Price $45.99

  6. SonicAlert SBT600SS Vibrating travel Alarm Clock


    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $32.99

  7. Amplicomms TCL210 Travel Digital Extra Loud Alarm Clock

    Amplicomms TCL210 Travel Digital Extra Loud Alarm Clock
  8. SonicAlert SBP100 Portable Vibrating Alarm Clock

  9. SonicAlert SB200SS Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock


    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $39.99

  10. SonicAlert SB300SS Extra Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock With Big Display


Set Descending Direction

1-10 of 17

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Our loud alarm clock collection is ideal for the hard of hearing and the hard to wake alike!

Benefits Of Loud Alarm Clocks

Loud alarm clocks are well known for delivering more powerful alarms than standard alarm clocks. They boast superior alerting techniques designed to evoke the senses for a compelling wake-up. 

Key features:

  • High volume alarm (some excel 100dB)
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Clear displays
  • Easily adjustable settings

We also supply visual alerting devices and amplifiers so you can get the best out of your loud alarm clock. 

Super Loud Alarm Clocks From Hearing Direct

The range we supply has been specifically selected to benefit the deaf and those with hearing loss. 

From our online store, you can purchase alarm clocks from the following brands:

With an impressive array of powerful alarms, our selection of loud alarm clocks for heavy sleepers even features one of the loudest alarm clocks available: The Sonic Bomb alarm clock. It boasts an incredible 113dB and the most powerful 12-volt bed shaker, guaranteed to get you up and out of bed in the morning. More of our products come with shakers and vibrating features making them ideal alarm clocks for the deaf. 

Which Alarm Clock Is Best For Me?

Alongside our super loud alarm clocks, we have a collection of valuable resources to help choose the right alarm clock for you.

Learn more about finding the best alarm clock for deaf people or a comparison of vibrating alarm clocks to assist the decision-making process. 

If you do believe you, a loved one, family member or friend may have some form of hearing loss, we recommend that you/they try our free online hearing test which can indicate if further action is required to prevent hearing loss. If you are hearing impaired, then we offer a wide range of products, including hearing aids, to help manage hearing loss. 

You can buy with confidence and our 30-day money back promise with free standard shipping on selected items. Should you have any questions on super loud alarm clocks, contact us or use the live chat and our expert team will do their best to help you. 

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